Welcome to the official website of Hwa-Rang Warriors TaeKwon-Do, providing lessons in the art of Chang Hun Taekwon-Do to the City of Philadelphia and the community of Juniata since 1996.


What is TaeKwon-Do?

TAEKWON-DO is a Korean martial art which has been developed through centuries of Eastern civilization. Today, TAEKWON-DO has evolved into not only the most effective method of weaponless self-defense but an attractive method of maintaining physical fitness.

Many believe that breaking boards and bricks is what TAEKWON-DO consists of, but this is an entirely mistaken concept. TAEKWON-DO also helps to build CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM, DISCIPLINE, and CHARACTER. It is also a great cardiovascular fitness regimen. The demonstrations displaying various techniques merely show the power and speed the human body is capable of training in TAEKWON-DO.

Tremendous skill and control are required in TAEKWON-DO. While blocking, kicking, and punching techniques all contribute to making TAEKWON-DO one of the most exciting and competitive sports, its challenge lies in the adept use of techniques without having actual body contact. Complete control over one's punching and kicking movements is paramount in stopping just centimeters short of their opponent.

Through the coordination of control, balance, and technique in the performance of tuls (patterns), TAEKWON-DO is regarded as a beautiful and highly skilled martial art. It is also one of the most all around methods of physical fitness, since it utilizes every muscle of the body and is considered the ultimate in unarmed self-defense.

If you have any questions about TAEKWON-DO, I will be happy to answer them.

Sabumnim Sean H. Sutton





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